Musicproduction "Al Nour"

1. Longa 4.04
Classical orchestral music of complex structure with virtuous violin solos.
2. Modnaka gafa 6.04
Wellknown song of Mohammed Abdel Wahab, extremely passionate and intensely melancholic. Large orchestra, choir, solos: flute, oud and violin.
3. Meleya liff 6.11
A coquettish Egyptian song about the pretty girl in her "Meleya", the large black wrapping scarf.
4. Huwa sahih al hawa ralab 6.19
A song written for the famous Om Kalsoum in an instrumental interpretation by the violin, highly emotional.
5. Hagalla 8.48
Egyptian folkloric music of the Hagalla tribe in two parts, dedicated to the proud and beautiful Hagalla woman. The second part is purely rhythmical.
6. Al Nour 3.43
A romantic, dreamy, new composition with a Spanish touch to it.
7. Shahrazad 12.37
Exciting new music for an oriental dance in ten parts, ending with a long finale in trance rhythm "Ayoub": "You´re on my mind. Like a candle you sparkle and shine..."
8. Solo Tabla 8.06
Starting dramatically with large frame drums, slowly introducing darabukas in different pitches, ever new vibrations and structures, building up incredible energy, ending in extasy.

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Picture and costume Sylvia Boucké

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